Born 1983
Raised in Woodland, CA
Currently Living in Queens, NY
Master of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010-2012
Bachelor of Arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara, in the Department of the College of Creative Studies, 2001-2005
"Recent Paintings: Amy Lincoln, Loie Hollowell, with Ron Richter", Valentine Gallery, Queens, NY/ apr26-may19
"Ten Years Too Late", Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Mitte-Berlin, DE/mar1-mar31
"Recent Drawings: David Humphrey, James Siena, Eva Schicker and Loie Hollowell", Valentine Gallery, Queens, NY/ nov30-dec23
"Super Natural", Projekt 722, Brooklyn, NY/ sep7-oct14
“Middle Ground”, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Richmond International Airport, Richmond, VA/ nov1-jan31 (SOLO SHOW)
"Liminal Light", Project 4 Gallery, Washington, DC/ apr30-jun4
"Subliminal Space", Camel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
"Elusive Interiors", Tribes Gallery, Manhattan, NY (SOLO SHOW)
"A taste of sugar: inaugural show", Sugar, Brooklyn, NY
“Social Virus”, Nurture Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"LOST", The National Gallery of Saskatchewan, Canora, Canada (SOLO SHOW)
"I Repeat Myself", Gregory Kondos Gallery, Sacramento, California (SOLO SHOW)
"Verge", Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts Summer Residency, 2013
Queens Arts Fund Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts, 2013
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, 2011
Salem Art Works Summer Residency, Salem, NY, 2007
-New American Paintings 93 (MFA), April/May 2010, Volume 15, Issue 2. (pp. 78 - 81)
-Daniels, Calvin, "New York artist shows in Canora; Pieces inspired by 'Lost' TV series", Yorkton Kaleidoscope, Wednesday, November 5, 2008, section B, Canora, Canada